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Top American Diner Specialties
Top American Diner Specialties
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American Diner specialties make up a large part of America's burger culture. There are many variations and people have their own favorites but if you have ever been to a dining establishment that serves burgers, hot dogs, chicken breasts, or French fries, then chances are you have had a good dining experience as these are some of the best tasting foods on the planet. So why do people love them so much? They are loved for their taste, preparation, atmosphere, and pricing.  
One of the best American diner menu items is a burger joint. If there is one thing you cannot miss at any burger joint it is the Bun Burger. Although it may not be as unique as the grilled cheese sandwich's flavor, the Bun Burger is just as delicious. This delicious burger's basic recipe is made from ground beef, Canadian bacon and barbara rütting brot fresh herbs. This is all available at most bistros, and many are served without a bun.  
Fries are another favorite among american diners. The crispy, golden-brown potatoes topped with Canadian bacon or cheese are a great addition to any meal. Along with the fresh, tangy Canadian bacon, these are served with a generous helping of the A-word; ranch. Although there are also white, sour cream and cheese fries, the Canadian bacon really masks the lack of butter and the creamy, cheesy flavor of the American side dish. As a side note, ranch also goes great on the fries.  
The chicken fried steak is another popular American diner specialty. This dish is popular for its unbelievable flavour combination. The steak is first marinated in butterscotch sauce then grilled on the coals of the restaurant before being served on a grill which creates an amazing aroma in your mouth. In addition to being served on the grill, the chicken is then served on a bed of raw vegetables before being served another round of the Butterscotch Sauce on the side. Once you taste this unique blend of flavours, you will not want to go back to regular chicken fried steak.  
The American burger is a popular choice among american diners. It is served on a hot dog plank and the burger is on the top. Although this choice may seem unusual, you cannot deny the simple fact that this is probably the most favourite choice of the diner. It is also the most affordable, making it a great choice for people on a budget. You can make your burger more exciting by adding a sauce or a cheese burger to it.  
The burgers are delicious and tasty. However, French fries are the best option. These French fries with prawn flavor are made the same way as in France, but they are deep-fried and have their own flavour. The dipping sauce which goes on the French fries is much sweeter than the butter that is usually used in the recipe and will help to enhance the taste of the French fries. The only problem with ordering French fries is that if you are eating them close to closing time, you might have to order another meal as there will be nothing left to eat at closing time.  



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