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Emotional Support Animal or ESA is an unconventional form of psychological therapy for individuals struggling with mental illnesses. In comparison to conventional clinical therapy, research has shown that esa letter online therapy has proved to be one of the most effective strategies to deal with mental illness. The patient is assigned an animal as remedial therapy. Accompanying and taking care of the dog keeps individuals distracted, mentally active, and more focused in life.


To avail an ESA, individuals have to pass certain eligibility criteria which are decided by their concerned psychologist. Then, an ESA letter is approved by the concerned mental health care professional after which you can initiate the request for your support animal. Once you have your request approved, an emotional support animal is assigned to you based on your choice.


One important thing which all ESA availing individuals need to be mindful of is that ESA comes with responsibility. Once you have your animal assigned, it becomes your responsibility to look after, feed, and bathe that animal. Looking after your ESA does have its advantages. Looking after and caring for your ESA can help lower your anxiety and stress levels. Caring for your animal also helps you derive a sense of emotional satisfaction.


When it comes to choosing an ESA, dogs are one of the most popular animals requested by the patients. There are numerous types of dog breeds available that are suitable as emotional support animals. Small and hypoallergenic dogs are usually preferred the most. They can easily be carried and transported using an ESA letter for housing. Such breeds are also suitable as ESA for senior citizens who have limited energy and mobility.


Out of multiple dog breeds, Airedale Terrier is one of the most preferred emotional support dogs. Being one of the most adorable terrier breeds, these dogs are small in size but are loyal companions. Outlined below are some of the reasons why you should choose Airedale Terrier as your emotional support animal:


1)      They Have Less Health Issues


When it comes to Airedale Terrier, it is easy to care for these dogs since they are less prone to allergies. They can be categorized as one of the healthiest terrier breeds. In rare cases, they may develop some minor skin problems or dry skin which can be treated with oils recommended by your local veterinarian.


2)      They Are Exceptionally Intelligent3


Airedale terriers are known for their intelligence. These dogs can be easily trained and made obedient. With a few and simple mental and physical exercises, you can mold these dogs as the best-suited companions.


3)      They Are Allergy Friendly


Airedale terriers belong to the hypoallergenic breed of dogs. They have short hairs firmly attached to their skin. This means that they shed very little hair and dander which makes them a friendly breed for individuals with allergies.


4)      They Are Loyal And Friendly


Airedale terriers are one of the loyal dog breeds that are overprotective of their owners. They quickly become friends with strangers once they find a comforting environment. However for emotional support animal letter, they won’t hesitate to bark or show their discomfort if they find someone or something unwelcoming. 
5)  They Are Very Active And Social


When it comes to being energetic and active, Airedale terriers are very agile. They need frequent walks and exercise to keep their energy level tamed. Unlike other breeds, they rarely stray away from their owner. They can be categorized as best jog partners since they always stick to their owner outside. They are friendly to other pets and people in their social surroundings. You will rarely see them barking or wrestling other pets.


Here you go! These are the five top reasons why you should adopt Airedale terriers as your emotional support dog letter. The friendly and loyal nature of the dog followed by their active and energetic personality can significantly contribute to improving your mental health and also keep you active during the day.


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