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Americans are using their iPhones much more than they realize

How often do you use your phone per week? How long you use per day? Your answer can be up to 60%. According to a survey by free online gaming platform Solitaires USA, nearly 80 percent of 667 participating iPhone users underestimated their device's weekly usage compared to numbers calculated by the iOS app Screen Time. It estimated an average of 25 hours and 5 minutes, while the actual average was 39 hours and 5 minutes. Most participants couldn't guess how often they used their iPhone during the week, but their answers were 56% less than they had then.
The average American spends about 40 hours per week.

40 hours on their phone, which is about a quarter of the available time per week, or 87 days per year. As a result, the average American spends 25% of their time using their phone each year; If bedtime is not considered, this percentage rises to 36%.
Interestingly, 52% of respondents could not identify which applications they use the most. The survey also found that Americans use social media apps more than any other app category, with TikTok being the most popular. With 85 million users in the US alone, Americans spend an average of 1.6 hours a day on TikTok, and 90% of users open the app at least once a day (equivalent to 76.5 million Americans visiting TikTok every day).
Almost a quarter of the country's population watches TikTok every day, and the cumulative viewing time of the application in the States is 136 hours per day.
The study also tried to find out the effect of using this phone on Americans. 53% of the respondents admitted that they tried to reduce the use of the phone for various reasons. 31% said negative comments from friends or family encourage them to use their phone less. 36% said their cell phone use was a problem in a previous relationship. A spokesperson for

Solitaire said: "These figures show that many people are unaware of their actual usage time, although they are often aware that it can be harmful or have received complaints about excessive phone use." He added that since Apple added Screen Time to iOS in 2018, iPhone users have been able to see their weekly phone usage.

Even with this ability, Solitaire notes that "many people seem to miss this statistic. When used correctly and healthily, cell phones are powerful and useful tools that make everyday life easier and allow us to connect with the world... connected. "It's not a bad habit by any means, but it's important to exercise it wisely and control it, don't let it control you. "

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